What Kind Of Properties Are Available In Turks & Caicos?

What Kind Of Properties Are Available In Turks & Caicos?

What Kind Of Properties Are Available In Turks & Caicos?

As Turks and Caicos Islands is a British Overseas Territory, the stable Caribbean country has no restrictions when it comes to purchasing real estate. It welcomes investments from foreign individuals who are looking to buy a home or purchase properties for commercial purposes. If you are interested in making real estate and business investments in the country, check out the following properties in Turks & Caicos:

Apartments and Condominiums

You can find a large selection of apartments in Turks and Caicos. For example, there are penthouses located throughout Providenciales particularly in Grace Bay. These properties can be duplexes and come with private roof top terraces. If you are looking for apartments that offer a tranquil beachfront location or are built as part of a luxury resort, you are in luck. Additionally, apartments do come with all of the modern amenities that you’d expect from a luxury property, e.g. high-tech sport facilities, private swimming pools, spas, restaurants, and many more.

Commercial Land

The next type of property you will come across is plots of commercial land. They can be found near Long Bay, on Princess Drive, and more. These lands offer stellar opportunities for both commercial developers and individual investors, who want to hold real estate for capital appreciation. These plots of land feature parcels that range between .56 and 2.85 acres or more. What’s more, they come with ocean views and beach access is in close proximity. Some uses of these lands include retail, gourmet restaurant, and boutique hotel development. Some owners have also used their properties to facilitate back of house activities, in the form of a workshop.

Homes and Villas

The islands are not only well-known for their world class restaurants, beaches, and tourist attractions. There is a wide variety of luxury villas in Turks and Caicos too. You can find a diverse portfolio of beachfront villas that offer various bedroom configurations, ranging from one bedroom to eight bedrooms. These properties are well-built as they allow ocean breezes to naturally flow through the villa. That’s not all. These villas also come with many cool amenities, including premium surround sound music systems, Wi-Fi coverage that extends to the beach, private gardens, and more. Potential home buyers can also find properties that border pristine Nature Reserves such as Rocky Point. Such locations offer solace and unmatched privacy.

Customizable Villas

If you wish to choose from a design and have your home customized that is also possible in Turks and Caicos. Check out The Sunset Villas customizable plans on our website – www.tintturksandcaicos.com

What Lifestyle and Real Estate Investment Benefits Does Turks & Caicos Offer?

Apart from the lack of purchasing restrictions, below are more benefits that investors can enjoy:

  • No exchange controls
  • No corporate taxes
  • No inheritance or estate taxes
  • No capital gains tax (for property transfers)
  • US dollar is the main currency in Turks & Caicos
  • All development plans and building codes are overseen by the Government Planning and Development Authority
  • Property values have steadily appreciated over the years
  • Turks & Caicos maintains its reputation as a top destination for repeat visitors and first-time travelers
  • Reliable communication facilities abound (i.e. wireless and high-speed Internet as well as cellular and land-based services)

If you want to learn more about the latest real estate listings in Turks & Caicos, or for any of your Turks and Caicos needs do not hesitate to check us here : www.tintturksandcaicos.com.