Useful Providenciales Island Travel Safety Tips

Useful Providenciales Island Travel Safety Tips

Useful Providenciales Island Travel Safety Tips

Your dream vacation to the Providenciales Island in the Turks and Caicos can seem as if you’re visiting a piece of heaven. Beautiful beaches, clear turquoise water, ocean breezes, and luxurious resorts surround you. However, its peaceful atmosphere, combined with the fact that you’re on vacation to relax and get away from it all, can make you let down your guard. Be careful! Don’t let the following things wreck your good time.

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Avoid Sunburns

Bad sunburns are the number one cause of ruined vacations. Don’t make a big mistake and end up wasting most of your vacation stuck in your room in pain. Be vigilant when you spend time outside on Providenciales Island, whether playing on the beach, laying around the pool, or just touring the island.

Be sure to reapply lots of sunscreen throughout the day to protect your skin. Important places to lotion is across your nose, the tops of your feet, your back, and – if you’re losing your hair – the top of your head and ears. A big hat and lose clothing with sleeves will also help protect you.

Stay Hydrated

Another thing to remember is to drink lots and lots of water. Being out in the sun and heat and getting dehydrated will give you heat stroke faster than you realize. No, having a few pina coladas or other adult beverages don’t count! Keep tabs on yourself and others.

If you start feeling over-heated, go back inside and cool off by drinking more water and staying out of the sun for an hour. If you’re feeling especially dizzy or “off, try putting some ice cubes wrapped in a towel on the back of your neck and/or wrists. That will quickly bring down your temperature.

Don’t Touch Stray and Wild Animals

Don’t touch any unaccompanied animals – even if it looks like a friendly dog or cat. Many stray and abandoned animals may have gone feral or have rabies. If you decide to scuba dive, be aware of ocean life and coral – some species can sting and make you ill.

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Always Be Cautious

Although Providenciales Island is considered one of the safest Caribbean destinations, everyone still needs to take safety precautions. Always lock rooms or houses and car doors, store valuables in safety deposit boxes provided by the hotel, and never leave valuables out in the open.

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